MAMRE Strategy
- Lasting Solutions

Mamre centre focus on people and their gifts and capabilities. As an established place of gathering close to a big city like Kampala, Mamre Centre encounters thousands of people every week. Many of whom are living on the margins.

A dedicated team of leaders and volunteers engages with people who are looking for help and match them with the most fitting program. Once enrolled in the program, how to optimize a skill or trade is taught and initial capital/resources are provided for the participant in order to earn a living and continue the trade after exiting the program. The participant then gives back to the centre whatever resource was forwarded at the beginning of the education so that another person can benefit from receiving the same help. The participant can also choose to become apart of teaching others what they have learned, paying the knowledge forward. Currently there are about five hundred people enrolled in different programs overseen by a team of 20 local instructors/leaders.

We welcome any visitor and encourage you to consider Mamre Centre when you are considering your charitable giving or philanthropic work.

A charitable receipt can be issued if you make your donation through our Canadian partner charity, Saskatoon Diocese of Holy Covenant Church or through our USA partner charity, The Order of Holy Redeemer.

Monitoring and feedback

Focused on innovative solutions

Close monitoring and clear evaluation of  projects allow us to report concrete results back to our stakeholders, while creating a space for reflection to understand what might have gone wrong and whether there is space for improvement.

Strong partnership

Productive cooperation

Through our close projects  monitoring system, we have been able to strengthen productive cooperation with our partners resulting to long-term cooperation and tangible results in all completed and running projects for mamre centre as a charity organization.

Strong results

Stakeholders involved

We encourage project monitoring by our funders (stakeholders) to ensure that all projects are meeting targeted goals and well evaluated. By so doing, it helps us to archive even more and create room for betterment in the delivery of effective and meaningful change that is much yearned for in most of our communities.