Soap Making Project

GIMA is a soap making project that makes laundry soap, liquid soap as its pioneer products that can be used for domestic, commercial and education purpose.


GIMA is an abbreviation for Gift of Mamre producers. It is a non Governmental organization/company that brings up the youth especially the unemployed under one poverty alleviation umbrella under which they are taught various skills that are aimed at creating middle income earners.

GIMA builds up youths spiritually, economically and socially by creating among the youth respect and fear of God almighty as it has been pronounced that he is the source of knowledge and wisdom, acquainting the youth with skills in saponification for example production of laundry bar soap and liquid soap among others as well as marketing their products and enabling solidarity through building up the spirit of togetherness in various activity in which they get involved respectively.

GIMA cubs redundancy in the young and energetic youth by promoting attitude change, courage and skill acquisition through helping the youth to focus their cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain respectively on wealth creation so they can become fishers other than fish beggars.

GIMA producers started on the 14th of Oct 2016 at Mamre prayer center Namugongo Jjanda Wakiso District Kampala Metropolitan – Uganda.

Soap making being our Pilot project is aimed at creating employment opportunities to 80,000 “Eighty thousand youth between 2017 and 2021, since the young, courageous and energetic youth will have gained sustainable self reliance that is aimed at helping the youth to fully participate in the national development programs since will have attained a health and skilled mind in a health and physically fit body that will have made them role models the upcoming generations.


  1. To participate in the operation wealth creation for the President.
  2. To enhance the youths’ movement from low income earners to middle income earners.
  3. To attain sustainable improved youth livelihoods through self reliance.
  4. Equipping the youths with necessary skills required in the production of what is required in day today life ranging from personal to a wide range of society.
  5. To enable the youth cater for the ever increasing population through production of health and sanitary products to enhance a health mind in a healthy bodies in the future.
  6. Alleviating poverty in the youth through fighting redundancy and time wastage.
  7. We aim at hatching up into a big multi billion company that can create variety that can create variety of jobs to cub the unemployment crisis
Soap Making Project
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