Gender Based Violence

Gender based violence has been increasingly recognized as a serious Health, Human Rights abuse and a development concern. Studies and surveys carried out in Uganda and globally, confirm that gender based violence has serious consequences especially for girls’ and women physical, sexual and mental health as well as implications for the economic and social wellbeing […]

Child Mothers

Uganda has a growing number of Child mothers due, forced and early marriages, teenage pregnancies, among others. We realized that they need to work and earn a living so as to take care and provide for their children and therefore it came up to help them through Training them in acquiring practical professional skills in […]

Mushroom growing group

Improving Livelihoods from Low Income to Middle Income Earning through Mushroom Farming; This one of the integrated economic development project aimed at improving peoples’ livelihoods, through Income Generating Activities (IGAs), Increasing food security, Decreasing environmental degradation by using small shelters to grow mushrooms other than tampering with land, Establishing savings and credit groups to enhance […]

Soap Making Project

GIMA is a soap making project that makes laundry soap, liquid soap as its pioneer products that can be used for domestic, commercial and education purpose. BACKGROUND  GIMA is an abbreviation for Gift of Mamre producers. It is a non Governmental organization/company that brings up the youth especially the unemployed under one poverty alleviation umbrella under […]

Single Mothers Support

Currently, there is a growing number of single-parent households in our society with children of all ages growing up without proper guidance about how to navigate their lives.  Single mothers want the best for their children, but most of the time they are unable to provide for their children due to scarce resources. These families […]

Mamre ICT Youth Group

In successful Information and Communication Technologies programs, partners cooperate, are inclusive, and have equitable access. These programs also consider issues of power, participation, privacy, and ethical use of data. ICT programs continue to play a key role in youth development and economic empowerment, and in strengthening education systems, giving young people opportunities and a voice where they previously had none. […]

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